Our Service
Aptitude Diagnostics
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We support you in the selection of suitable employees for key positions by
  • development of competency models and job specifications
  • design and execution of assessment centers
  • application of personality tests
  • performance of appraisals of top management candidates
  • design and execution of a cultural analysis
  • interview training for hiring managers

Your benefit
  • detailed candidate profiles
  • evaluation of „best fit“ in regard to competencies, personality and culture
  • prevention of expensive mistakes concerning personnel decisions
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We support the orientation and integration of new employees in your organization by
  • preparation of orientation plans
  • design and execution of cultural analysis
  • targeted working on development potentials identified in the recruitment process
  • individual measures fostering social integration and increasing work efficiency
  • supportive coaching
  • continuous communication – also during the time before commencement of the new position

Your benefit
  • shortening of time-to-productivity of the new employee
  • reduction of friction and conflicts during the orientation phase
  • job satisfaction and emotional commitment
  • increased motivation and better performance
  • achievement of co-entrepreneurship
  • protection against headhunting and preservation of know-how
  • strengthening of employer branding
Potential Diagnostics and Development
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We support you in tapping your employees‘ full potential by
  • development and implementation of competency models
  • design and execution of development centers
  • performance of management appraisals
  • application of personality tests
  • performance of feedback processes
  • targeted training for HR managers planning to perform potential analyses
  • preparation of holistic development plans
  • design of personnel development measures
  • coaching to support development measures

Your benefit
  • prevention of mistakes concerning personnel decisions
  • optimization of team structures
  • identification, motivation and commitment of performers and potentials
  • definition of individual career paths
  • effective succession planning
  • benchmark of potential/overview for the management
Resource Development and Preventive Support
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We support you in the targeted work on your employees‘ development fields as well as in the prevention of over- and underchallenging situations and burnout by
  • execution of team analyses to optimize teamplay and foster mutual understanding
  • application of personality tests to explore potential causes of deficits (also within the team) as well as to establish a basis for discussion
  • mediation and conflict management
  • self-management training to strenghten capacity for self-monitoring
  • targeted coaching to increase managers‘ individual resilience, e.g. upon taking over a challenging leadership role
  • measures boosting organizational resilience; e.g. cultural analysis and development measures for small-sized and big teams

Your benefit
  • increased motivation and better performance
  • higher job satisfaction and employee commitment
  • qualification of employees for new tasks
  • prevention of talent shortage
  • optimization of team structures
  • preservation and increase of productivity
  • strengthening of employer branding
Change Management
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We support and advise you during large-scale change processes in your organization by
  • execution of cultural analyses, e.g. in the course of post-merger integration processes
  • training for executives to foster understanding of the requirements and facilitate the handling of change projects
  • targeted coaching, e.g. as an opportunity for reflection and change of perspectives in uncertain times

Your benefit
  • analysis of change readiness and flexibility
  • increase of change fitness
  • assessment of future required management competencies
  • integration management
  • retention management